Full Set — With Pre-Reading Foundation Activities.

Full Set — With Pre-Reading Foundation Activities.


The Zeb Books were designed to teach children ages 3-8 to read and to instill a love of reading. Based in the belief that a child is most sensitive to language at an early age, the concept is to introduce the child to an early phonics reading program that progresses in a sequential order and allows the child to master each skill.

The three pre-reading activities are the foundation for preparing children to read. 


These books have been recommended for ELLs early reading. Our books are COLOR CODED!

Series 1 (Books 1-10) focuses on short vowel sounds & sight words.

Series 2 (Books 11-17) introduces long vowel sounds, silent “e” and double vowels.

Series 3 (Books 18-25) focuses on blends and digraphs.

Series 4 (Books 26-30) "r" controlled vowels & compound words. 


  • Introduction of skills for each book
  • Helpful hints for instructions
  • Letters and Sounds
  • Peak-A-Sound Game
  • Blending Sounds to Make Words
  • Rhyming Words
....For just $20 more! What a deal. 

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